Deadpanned Music

Zachary Ellerbrook

Unfortunately, I have decided to pursue an entire career switch and this website will no longer be supported musically. Deadpanned Music will likely go down indefinitely in May of 2024. 

I would like to thank all who have visited and supported my music in any way. The playlist below will remain active, and I will continue my distribution subscription, so you can continue to hear my work as an artist on your favorite streaming service. Just search Old Man Zatchmo.

Once my studies are complete, I hope to publish music again. Expect to hear a new Old Man Zatchmo in a few years.

In the meantime, my career switch is into the tech world, and I might possibly make tweaks until my subscription ends as I learn more and more about computers and networking than I ever thought. The hope is to host my own website on its own server, once I’m ready to establish one without being overwhelmed.

Thanks for visiting. Now go listen to some music! -Zach

Composed 45 Tracks

I have 45 tracks of various hip-hop styles, with a little pop and house thrown in, that have been released or posted for non-exclusive use. I also have a few exclusive songs available and the numbers are growing every day.

Featured Work

My music has been featured on The Future Beats Show, Night Swim Radio, New Vibe Radio, and recently on the Chillhop Records Community Showcase for February and March, 2023.



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