Deadpanned Music

Zachary Ellerbrook

As an established performing musician, arranger, and producer with over 25 years of experience, Zachary Ellerbrook has made a name for himself in the music industry. He has primarily performed on trombone and has previously released his music under the producer name Old Man Zatchmo. His chill, hip-hop music is available on various streaming services, which you can find links to at the bottom of the page.

With a passion for music and a drive to provide the best service to media consumers worldwide, Zach is expanding and updating his musical approach for modern hip-hop. He strives to create innovative and unique arrangements while maintaining the essence of the music. His expertise in producing high-quality music has earned him a reputation as a skilled and sought-after musician in the industry.

“As I continue to evolve and grow as an artist, I am excited to share my passion and talent with music lovers worldwide.” -Zach Ellerbrook

Composed 45 Tracks

I have 45 tracks of various hip-hop styles, with a little pop and house thrown in, that have been released or posted for non-exclusive use. I also have a few exclusive songs available and the numbers are growing every day.

Featured Work

My music has been featured on The Future Beats Show, Night Swim Radio, New Vibe Radio, and recently on the Chillhop Records Community Showcase for February and March, 2023.



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